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After being consistently asked to set up a live room we have decided to take the plunge and offer a Real Time Trading & Mentoring Service.


Now that we have a Audio / Voice service, Mentoring happens all day every day! We not only provide set ups and explain on the chat channel and the Audio service how and why the setups are high probability, we also provide setups on the charts and vocally explain each trade. This is an exceptional way to learn and gain experience of what is happening in Real Time 5 days a week.

Each weekend we will provide 1 to 2 hours (depending on take up) of mentoring and training around high probability trade setups/ risk management / psychology/ charting/ Orderflow/ Execution etc.  

We want to reiterate that this will not be just about copying our trades. We want to get you guys across the line. So we will be asking questions and finding out how you trade and what mistakes you make etc. We will show you a way of trading that in hopefully 3 months can make you self sufficient. Trading is about set up, risk, trade management, probability and psychology and this is what we will work on together.

We will also provide 121 mentoring as well if you so require it but we want people to work as a group as this will help your development and produce quicker results. We will focus on YOUR trading and how to develop and improve your trading skills and mindset through our techniques and experience. We expect commitment from those who join, you will be given objectives through out and must be willing to participate in a group and provide time at the weekend for 121 discussions and training. We are here to help and will commit our time to you so we expect the same in return. 


The fee for this is $250 per month payable by PayPal and is on a rolling monthly basis. Please get in contact for further details.

Discord Real Time Audio Channel

The Real Time Discord Audio Channel is where you can hear / see our trade setups instantly. We provide all set ups in Real Time over Audio and give details of emerging trades, swing trades and ongoing commentary regarding the market and our live positions. This is a fantastic service and available from US open to US Close and partial Euro trading hours. It's our very own constant squawk box!

The fee for this is $200 per month payable by PayPal. See our results pages for details of previous weeks setups. If you wish to have a free 7-Day trial please contact us at

Results for the Audio Channel - These trades were all given in Real Time over audio


Discord Real Time Channel

We provide a Real Time Discord Channel where you can see our trade setups instantly. We also provide ongoing commentary regarding the market and our live positions. This also includes presentation of charts and explanation of trade setups in real time on the Discord Channel. 


The fee for this is $50 per month payable by PayPal. See our results pages for details of previous weeks setups.

Real Time Twitter Feed

This is the basic service that provides all setups to a private Twitter account @TI_RT_Setups where you can see our trade setups instantly on Twitter. We also provide ongoing commentary regarding the market and our live positions. This is a good way to follow the service for a $1 a day!


The fee for this is $20 per month payable by PayPal. See our results pages for details of previous weeks setups.


1. What do we trade? We trade ES, YM. NQ, RTY, FTSE, DAX also the cash instruments - DOW, SPX, Nasdaq 100 and the Russell. We also trade occasionally Oil, Gold and other commodities as well as FX and Bonds.


2. When do we trade? The discord room is open 24/7 but we trade from European open to the US closing bell.

3. Do we provide a target and a stop? Yes we do. An example of a trade setup will be "long set up against ES 44 target 52 stop 41"

4. What is our win rate? Typically between 70 and 80 % over any given month. Please see our results page for more details.

5. How many trades do we make? This all depends on the market we only make high probability trades where we think we have an edge. If the market is slow or dormant we will not necessarily trade, if the markets are fast and giving us a greater number of opportunities then are trade count will be much higher. Typically across all markets we will make around at least 20 trades per week.    

6. We provide levels on ES for RTH and on Globex to trade against and commentary during the day.

7. We provide automated alerts for upcoming economic figures and financial events both on Discord and our @TI_RT_Setups Twitter account. Figures such as Non Farm, FOMC, Retail Sales, GDP, PMI's and many more for the US, Chinese, UK, Eurozone and German markets. 

8. There is an Economic, Earnings & Dividends Calendar functionality on the Discord chat channel that provides daily and weekly upcoming announcements for the US, Chinese, UK and German markets.

9. There is a Breaking News Channel on the Discord chat channel that provides breaking news from certain Twitter news organisations accounts that have a potential immediate market impact.

10. The room is a safe place with a mix of newbies to trading and veteran traders who have traded in the industry for decades. Everyone is expected to participate and share their own knowledge.   

Thanks TI

To download Discord on your desktop please follow the link  for mobile please visit your App shop.


Testimonials are not necessarily indicative of future performance or success and may not represent the opinion of all participants. There was no compensation to the trader for this opinion.


And the one that started it all


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