Week ahead 8th Sept 2019

Hi All

Well what a week!. Let's take a quick look at last weeks blog and review it...

" What do I expect? I have no bloody idea to be honest. At any moment this can puke or go for 2970 which is the .76 Fib of the whole move. If we are looking for the most painful move then 2970 is on the cards and I would favour that if we cross 2935.

Well shall I say anymore? One tweet, phone call, letter, communication by pigeon.. we are there, bingo, in a flash all over night gaps and the narrative is now bullish.

I could sit here and moan about the state of global economies and various pmi's, gdp's and the ever hopeful China deal ... but it's all bollocks and it's a reminder of just to trade price!

So where do we go this week ?

Firstly if the bulls want a double top / new ATH they have to break and hold 2990 on ES :the key this week will be 2938 (gap no 2) 2954 which is WP (weekly pivot) 2950 and 2906 (gap no 1). I think we will at least test 2950 at some point. Note we have the ECB this week so the bulls will be looking for more of the usual talk of supporting the market blah, blah, blah and if the ECB will cut rates to even more negative! Fed the week after.

So ES levels are 3050/3027/19/16/04//00/990/975/968/960/954/950/938/932/25/21/06/800

NQ WP is 7780 Res 7925 support 7850,7725

Dow WP 26546 Res 26953,27k Support 26300,26K

RUT WP 1499Res 1538 Support 1469,1452

The clue this week will be on the retest of the weekly pivots and if they hold or not. 2972 being the .764 on ES is a big number and if it goes resistance this will certainly provide a catalyst for lower prices in the short term.

A couple of other things

I started my Real Time & Mentoring Service last week and it's been great. Love training people and setting them personal objectives and to boot on the second day we made 5 ES ticks (which if you had taken a 1 lot would have paid for the month). I will be back at it on Monday and Wednesday each week. I have now added details to my website so please take a look if you are interested. I will keep you up to date with the progress.


I am told by twitter that if you select the Notification button on my bio, then settings and privacy/ Notifications SMS notifications

Am sorry if I am teaching you to sucks eggs, but I didn't know this myself! So in theory you will get a notification I have tweeted direct by sms. Let me know how it works!

Thanks and see you tomorrow . TI

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