Week ahead 4th Nov 2019

Hi All

There hasn't been a blog for the past couple of weeks as i have been on holiday. So it's about time i updated you for the week ahead and what's been happening and what we can expect in the near future.

"I am expecting a retracement this week after potentially a pop high Monday - the key to the market will be where it finds support and do we have another new ATH somewhere in the region of 3117/3121 area for ES. I will not waste my fingers typing about the marco state of the market and the repo / not "qe" / continual propping up of the market by the FED as it well documented and getting nauseous! It's been hard few weeks with low volume, low volatility and bears just need some bad news desperately or they will be dust as per usual!

Ok next week...


ES WP 3049 levels above 3067/3078/3087/3094/3100 /3121 below 3049,43,34,20,15,3K always WP will be key as an early indicator

DOW Cash WP 27,204 above 27,370,583 below 27,111, 063, 27k, 26,914

NQ 8117. above 162,192,204,244 below 8100,082,069,32,800,7969

RUT WP 1577 above 94,02,610,621 below 1563,54,50,45,35

I also mentioned each month of mentoring i would give an update. After the first month I now have 5 mentess and a few guys who uses the discord channel.

I can say it has been exhausting but extremely rewarding as you can see by the table below. The below table shows number of points gained per instrument week by week and as you can see they have shown progression and consistency. I am very proud of these guys and their effort particularly around risk management / stops etc as they are now consistently get stopped at only 4 handles and as below shows letting their winning trades do the work. You can see this month has been particularly good in a difficult market. Long may it continue!

Good job!!

Lastly i have tendered a job to help with getting Discord and twitter working together in Real time as i always stated I will try my damndest to make this happen! Other news ... I have been speaking to a charting company to provide RT signals as well so hopefully soon we can start to add this to disord and twitter in RT.

Have a great week TI

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