Week ahead 2nd September 2019

HI All

Hope you are all well and you US guys are enjoying a deserved long weekend. Finally back from holiday and to be honest I am shattered and full of a cold which is normal because as soon as I stop and rest my body breaks down, so now that I am back in work mode it will take me a couple of weeks to get into full swing. As you saw from my twitter feed I made some nice calls whilst being at the beach and it was enough to pay for the holiday which is always a bonus. Results have been published for the first 3 months and I have averaged at 388 ticks per week - not too shabby and free to boot!

Ok the week ahead.

Firstly my Real time service starts tomorrow as promised. There has been quite some interest so if you wish to find out more information please contact me but below is a description once more.

It will be a Real Time trading room /coaching/mentoring service that will include 4 hours of real time trading on Monday and Wednesday 7pm BST - 9pm BST 2pm EST 4pm EST thus will include FED and potentially we could do other days as well. I will also have a coaching / mentoring aspect where i think every week or 2 weeks i can essentially have webinars expanding more on psychological, trading setups, practices and methodologies (essentially how I trade and how you need to trade).

You will also note that I have been experimenting with alternatives to Twitter ie Discord. I want to get direct to you guys more quickly but still maintain by Twitter feed. After testing and further discussions with Discord, Twitter and Zapier they have all said it will take between 5 and 15 mins from Twitter to Discord or Discord to Twitter which means using both of these is useless. So for the moment i will continue use Twitter as that is where essentially my followers are. I have spoken to Twitter and there is a way where you can get notified of a tweet from me to your phone - I am getting the documentation and will let you know how to do it.

The week ahead ES.

Are you getting bored of this news driven minefield, I certainly am, imagine being a swing trader and getting your profits wiped every other day. It's a nightmare and looks to continue for quite a while. So please just book profits and look for the next trade.

Ok on ES WP (weekly pivot) is 2893.5 where we stopped overnight, this will be the key for the week long above and short below - on the upside we have 2925,35,48,50,61,70,3k and below we have 2875,62,56,50,33,20,10,800,775 - what do i expect? I have no bloody idea to be honest. At any moment this can puke or go for 2970 which is the .76 Fib of the whole move. If we are looking for the most painful move then 2970 is on the cards and i would favour that if we cross 2935. Keep stops tight and play what you see in front of you because trying to predict the future in the current environment is a little difficult ... the one thing i will say though is September and October usually provide quite a bit of volatility so we can be in for a nice ride! Play it simple and you should be rewarded.

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