Week ahead 25th Nov 2019

Hi All

Let's take a quick look at last weeks blog and review it...

"I am expecting a retracement this week after potentially a pop high Monday - the key to the market will be where it finds support and do we have another new ATH somewhere in the region of 3117/3121 area for ES."

Levels from last week

ES WP 3104 levels above 3128/34/43/48/50/75/200 below 3107,04,00,3094,87,84,75,64,50 always WP will be key as an early indicator - key break outs 3143 and 3094

DOW Cash WP 27,842 above 28K,138,167,272,329 below 27,736,680,500,350,192 key breakouts 28,167 above 27,736 below

NQ 8283 WP above 300,323,361,386 below 8257,244,200,175,150,100,8050 key break outs 8361 below 8257

Ok well we got the retracement ... Dow high was around 174 on the cash pre market and the 34 level came good on the ES - I would say that was pretty good.

Levels for the week ahead

I am expecting lower prices to 72 ES 72 to 79 then a move higher - Note it's Thanksgiving in the US thus we have a holiday week and a bullish bias. So drop Monday Tuesday and a move higher to the end of week.

ES WP 3112 levels above 3116,23,28,34,43,48,50,75,200 below 3107,04,00,3089,70,64,50 always WP will be key as an early indicator - key break outs 3134 and 3090

DOW Cash WP 27,880 above 28K,138,167,272,329 below 27,750,670,465,255, key breakouts 28,100 above 27,647 below

NQ 8297 WP above 300,325,363,400,445 below 8240,15,200,150,100, 068 key break outs 8363 below 8200

RUT WP 1587 above 94,600,02,607,617,630 below 1583,73,64,59,42,35 key breakouts 600 and 583

I have been testing the messaging between Discord and twitter and it's working together in Real time, adding functionality this weekend, I had a few issues with using the new GUI on my phone which is now resolved. So hopefully this week will be it's first proper test.

Have a great week TI

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