Week ahead 21st Oct 2019

Hi All

Well what a boring week! Let's take a quick look at last weeks' tweet as I didn't do a full blog and review it...

" Hi all no blog this week as bit manic with mentees and new subs. ES Levels for the week 3k 96 82 75 68 64 WP48 42 33 16 900 expecting a rest of 80-96 then downside action in to 940 to 914 TI "

Well we got the retest and that was about it, we have been compressing all week around the 1 hour mid band 92/94 and well it was a nothing burger of a week other than last few hours when they dropped it to 75 and then the algos took it back to 95 and closed at 88.

This means we could have some action this week... and to keep this brief because i don't have much time your key levels for this week will be the 3K, 94 and 83 break out of those levels and we can have new highs or move into around the 2916 level. On the news front I really can't see much positivity as China news has now faded, Brexit is still a shambles and will probably extend. For me any news will likely be negative unless we have some big earnings play that could impact the market.

Levels to watch ES

WP 83 above 94,3k,05,13,20,25,42,50,68 below 975,64,56,50,40,33,20,16,05,900

WP NQ 7894

WP RUT1526

WP DOW 26,879

If we start the action below the weekly pivot this week and hold below Monday i think we can look for a retracement, bulls need a catalyst now to go and break 3k and navigate a new ATH, question is will there be one!

Catch you in the week. TI

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