Week ahead 18th Nov 2019

Hi All

Hope you are all well. So this weeks levels and thoughts. It's been a relatively strange few weeks constant ramping and gaps galore. Friday we saw the dow at 28k and 3120 ES which tied nicely with my comments I sent out the week before last.

"I am expecting a retracement this week after potentially a pop high Monday - the key to the market will be where it finds support and do we have another new ATH somewhere in the region of 3117/3121 area for ES."

The mantra is just keep buying. There has been no significant retracement over the past 6 weeks or so and now with the vix opex and monthly options out of the way I would think now would at least from a seasonal perspective allow this to happen ... We have negative divergences everywhere and RSI's across many instruments and single stocks are just a joke, but as we know this madness can continue . Technically there are enough reasons for a mean reversion / retracement but with the way the market is behaving re China phase 1 bullshit there needs to be a catalyst for any bearish action.

Ok next week... Am looking for potential new high and a mean reversion ...


ES WP 3104 levels above 3128/34/43/48/50/75/200 below 3107,04,00,3094,87,84,75,64,50 always WP will be key as an early indicator - key break outs 3143 and 3094

DOW Cash WP 27,842 above 28K,138,167,272,329 below 27,736,680,500,350,192 key breakouts 28,167 above 27,736 below

NQ 8283 WP above 300,323,361,386 below 8257,244,200,175,150,100,8050 key break outs 8361 below 8257

RUT WP 1594 above 600,02,607,617,630 below 1583,70,59,42,35 key breakouts 610 and 583

Lastly i have finally got real time messaging between Discord and twitter working together in Real time, as i always stated I will try my damndest to make this happen! Quite chuffed with myself ! I have been constantly testing the new discord channel with twitter and adding functionality all weekend. As i have stated in my tweets from tomorrow there will be a new service that I will provide real time setups of the trades I take to a second private twitter account and my discord channel. The fee for this service will be $50 per month. Ther same tweets will be sent to @tradeinflection but with 5 min delay. If you are interested in the new service please feel free to contact me. I am still speaking to a charting company to provide RT signals as well so hopefully soon we can start to add this to discord and twitter in RT.

Have a great week TI

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