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Discord Real Time Chat Channel Functions

!subscribe DM function

There has been some discussions around notification of trade setups and noise on the chat channel thus missing my trade setups. I still want people to participate and give their opinions on the #ti_chat_channel


I appreciate sometimes it can be a lot of talk and not much substance but for people who are trading solitary and not necessarily working it’s a great way of communicating with other people in the room and sharing their ideas.


Ok so here is what I currently have set up:


1. When I make a trade it goes to the #ti_chat_channel as LS DOW 50 t 80 s 30 i.e. Long setup dow 50 target 80 stop 30

2. This message is immediately sent to #current_setups_channel and @TI_RT_Setups on Twitter

3. Both of these should alert you on your desktop and your phone by way of a sound notification i.e. a noise!

4. The only time the above doesn't happen is if I make a mistake and don't use the correct function thus a message is in  #ti_chat_channel but not in #current_setups_channel and not sent to @TI_RT_Setups

If no 4 happens due to the number of messages in the chat channel or if you have muted the channel people may miss the trade set up. 


So, we have come up with a function for those people that wish to receive my setups and who want to mute other channels.


  1. if you type '!subscribe DM' you will get the following message:


   2. Then when I send a trade setup message you will get a DM like below. 


 ​   and in the DM you will get a trade set up message like below.


   3. So you will need to make sure that you mute the #ti_mentoring_chat_channel and also if you wish the #current_setups_channel by doing the following. Right click on the channel and selecting mute. 


At this point you will be notified of any trade or message from me by way of your phone notification or desktop (via a notification on discord) and you will know it has come from TI. My preference would be you only mute #ti_chat_channel as all other channels are read only so if a message is sent you will know it is from TI only. Note you will still receive message via Twitter @TI_RT_Setups.

To unsubscribe simply type '!unsubscribe DM' and you will get the following message:


Siren Alert Notifications for Windows Desktops

Estimated time to deploy is less than 10 mins.

This alert works for Windows desktops – The idea of this alert is that it offers the users a unique short siren sound when I send a message of importance or a trade set up. This alert has the same functions as '!subscribe DM'  thus excludes alert messages regarding financial releases. This means if you wish you can mute all channels on discord and get the unique siren sound when I post. You can still be active (not mute) the chat channels but again this function will allow you to distinguish between different messages by having two types of sounds i.e. a siren sound for when I post a message and the normal Discord sound when someone else posts a message.

Firstly, you will need to make sure that you have the ability to extract the files as they come in a zipped format. Therefore, you will need to download a free unzip software called WinRAR. Go to the website below and download the free software.


Run file winrar.exe file and install on your system.

Next on the TI Discord Chat channel type '!subscribe alerts windows' and you will get the following message.


You will then also get a DM message from TI_SETUPS_ANNOUNCEMENTS with the installation steps.


At this point make sure you have set up and downloaded winrar.

Then click on note this is in google chrome


Press download and the file will appear at the bottom left of your screen as per usual. Right click and choose show in folder as shown below.


The file will be shown in your downloads folder. Right click and select EXTRACT to TI_ALERTS_NOTIFICATIONS_WINDOWS


This will extract the files and set up a folder called TI_ALERTS_NOTIFICATIONS_WINDOWS


Double click on TradeInflection Notifications to start the program.


A command prompt will pop up (remember you will want to start this up automatically when you restart your pc, so please follow the below instructions) Note please do not kill the command prompt as this will stop the functionality working. If you do please just reactivate by double clicking on TradeInflection Notifications to restart the program again.


To see a list of functions type in 'help'


To set this functionality to work every time your PC turns on type 'auto-start' and you will see the below message 'The TI Discord notification alerts program will start automatically during your windows start-up procedure' in the command prompt.


To stop the siren notification either close the terminal (command prompt) or type exit in the command prompt.

To remove the alerts notifications from your start up procedure type in 'auto-start-off' and you will get the below message.

 'The TI Discord notification alerts program will now not start automatically during your windows start-up procedure' in the command prompt. If by accident you kill the command prompt to reactivate again double click on TradeInflection Notifications to restart the program. 

Note if the alerts notification is up and running you should have a little TI icon on your taskbar.


The Calendar, Earnings and Dividends channel


The Calendar, Earnings and Dividends channel - Provides economic figures / releases / earnings / dividends and important upcoming monetary announcements each day.

Calendar, Earnings & Dividends on the #ti_calendar_earnings_divs channel

There is a scheduled script that runs each night at UK midnight and delivers the next day’s economic, earnings & dividend scheduled data.


Please note a number of points below:

1. The calendar script will delete all previous messages and calendars each night before running the nightly economic figures for the next day for the US, German, Chinese and UK markets.

2. You can run the script yourself for today, tomorrow, this week and next week.

3. Type '!calendar' this gives you today's figures.

4. Type '!calendar tom' this will give you tomorrows' figures or !calendar  'tomorrow', 'tmw', 'tmrw', 'tm'

5. Type '!calendar tweek' this will give you this weeks' figures or !calendar 'this week', 'the week', 'the week's', 'week'

6. Type '!calendar nweek' this will give you next weeks' figures or !calendar 'next week'

7. Whilst the calendar function is running you will see a message saying 'TI_ECONOMICS is typing'. It takes about 20 seconds for the function to work.

8. The same function can be used for earnings '!earnings' & dividends '!dividends'

9. Lastly note I have restricted these functions just to be used in the ti_calendar_earnings_divs channel.


The Breaking News channel #breaking_news_channel 


Provides breaking news from certain Twitter news organisations accounts that have a potential immediate market impact.

DISCLAIMER - There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. and all individuals affiliated with this site assume no responsibility for your trading and investment results. The indicators, strategies, columns, articles and all other features are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.

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